IRS Lockout Update

Thank you for your interest in helping Joe Banister fight his ongoing battle to expose the truth about the IRS and the federal income tax. On the day Joe resigned from the IRS, he committed himself to raising awareness about the dirty little secrets the IRS keeps from the American people, even if it caused him personal and professional hardship. Joe has endured the personal hardships of quitting a high-paying job and devoting his time to the efforts of the tax honesty movement. Now the IRS is determined to cause him some professional hardships as well. However, the ultimate hardship will be borne by all of us because Joe's representation of clients in IRS matters has helped to further expose how the IRS gets away with their illicit practices. Joe has met face to face with IRS agents all over the country in his capacity as a client representative. Let's be clear - Joe is the first IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent ever to blow the whistle against the IRS in this manner. The IRS has always been able to foster the myth that only anti-government whackos believe the IRS is acting illicitly. Having a former IRS special agent confront current IRS agents with evidence of illicit activity causes current IRS agents to take a second look at agency policies and procedures - something the IRS can not afford to let happen. So, the agency is now trying to lock Joe out - permanently!

Fortunately, the effort by the IRS to permanently eliminate Joe as an authorized representative of those with income tax disputes provides a unique opportunity to get some of the answers that the tax honesty movement has been asking for decades. Unfortunately, Joe's resources pale in comparison to the endless resources available to the IRS. He is more than willing to continue the fight but this David needs your help against Goliath.

If you would like to support Joe’s efforts by contributing to his legal defense fund and, at the same time, receive as a gift authentic evidence and testimony from his previous battles with the IRS that will be like nothing you have ever encountered, please click here for the donation form and pictures and descriptions of the gifts. If you do not submit a donation form, it will be assumed you wish to donate without receiving the gift.

Any amount of donation is welcome. Whether or not you are able to contribute financially, please pray that Joe's efforts will help bring about honesty and integrity in America's taxing system.

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